Monday, March 5, 2012

The Red Thread by Roderick Townley

The Red Thread by Roderick Townley
294 pages

Sixteen-year-old Dana is having serious nightmares. Her disturbing dreams, as well as her times it feels she has slipped away from reality, as prompted her to see a therapist. But as they dive deeper into her treatment, Dana learns that her dreams stem from nightmarish memories from a previous life. A life in which, at first, she believes herself to be murdered. But who could it be? Her school enemy, Gianna? Her little brother, Ben? Her boyfriend, Chase? Dana must go farther and deeper than she ever wanted to if she is ever able to put an end to her nightmares for good.

Just to put it out there, I do not believe in reincarnation AT ALL, so this was pretty much a fantasy read for me. I loved the concept of the story line, even if I found some parts hard to swallow. I don't get why the people that were wrapped up in her past life necessarily had to be people that were in her life in present day. Is that a reincarnation belief, that you repeat your lives twisted with the same people over and over again? But it was a fast paced mystery, action driven plot, not a lot of details or character development, which I definitely appreciated.

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