Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Get your engines ready!  Four days until you can start competitive reading!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How the points will work

So one of the categories that you can win in is Total Points.  Here's the deal:

You get 1 point for each time that you post to this blog.

You get 2 points if you read ALL the books on an ALA suggested reading list.  (You may ask for readings lists from other sources to be considered for this.)

You get 6 points if you read ALL the books from an award list.  (Remember that pictures books are ineligible for this competition so the Building Blocks Award list doesn't count.)

The right is reserved to change the point system as necessary.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

getting ready -- and excited!

I am starting to think about what books I want to read next month.  Between the holiday activities and waiting for the competition to start, I have quite a few on my list.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How it works (also known as the rules)

Marshall Libraries Reading Competition

1.  The staffs of the Murrell College Library, the Marshall Public School Libraries, and the Marshall Public Library will participate in the Missouri Book Challenge (starting in January 2011).

This is so much more than a race...Your participation makes you eligible for drawings throughout the year.

2.  Rules
            a.  Staff can compete in the following categories:
 1.  Total books read.  This includes juvenile books, teen books, and graphic novels as well as audiobooks.  NO picture books.
2.  Most pages read. 
3.  Most time spent reading.
4.  Most participation points.
Participation points are awarded for the following activities:  posting to the blog, reading a book that is on an award list or has won an award, or reading books off a suggested reading list (such as ALA Notable Fiction, Newbery Awards, etc.)  You get bonus points if you read the entire list.  We are willing to assign points to any reading list that someone submits.
b.     To get credit for reading a book, you must post and entry about your book. Include your name, the title, author, # of pages, and a short entry.  Also include a note if it is an award book or from a suggested reading list.  Participants are responsible for keeping track of their own reading. 
c.     There will a monthly drawing for all members who post to the blog.