Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

80 pages

Though different from the film (which is one of my favorites), I was still impressed. Enid Coleslaw will always be one of my favorite fictional characters.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

240 pages

Hilarious. I'm sure I was getting plenty of dirty looks for laughing out loud when I read this in public.
Mindy Kaling discusses her childhood as well as her thriving career as writer/star of "The Office."

INNER HARBOR by Nora Roberts

324 pages

The story of the Quinn family continues as the three brothers come together after the death of their father to care for the latest boy that has been brought into the family home.

RISING TIDES by Nora Roberts

339 pages

Pedistrician Dr. Stella Quinn and husband Ray take three young and troubled boys into their hearts and into their home and make a real family life for them.

The Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne

304 pages

I picked up this book as a mindless read -- the title, cover and author's name seemed to point to a bodice-ripper type tale.

Instead, this book turned out to be a historical mystery/thriller type.  Don't get me wrong -- there are a couple of risque scenes of but they are relatively tame.  The main topic of the book is trying to find a murderer in the time of Napolean. 

I found the plot surprisingly intriguing.  And they really need to change the cover (at the very least) in order to have a wider readership.

Friday, March 30, 2012

THE SOCIETY BY Michael Palmer

351 pages

Michael Palmer spent 20 years as a practicing physician in internal and emergency medicine so, he can write a very believable medical thriller and this one does not disappoint.


407 pages

The Philadelphia Inquirer says, "Will blow you away", the Boston Sunday Globe calls it "Riveting", New York Times says it is "Terrific" and People Magazines says it is a "Page Turner". They are all right in my opinion. Apparently Killing Floor is Lee Child's first novel.


343 pages

From the prologue:

"Hook Hobie owed the whole of his life to a secret nearly thirty years old. His liberty, his status, his money, everything. And like any cautious guy in his particular situation, he was ready to do what was necessary to protect his secret. Because he had a lot to lose. The whole of is life."

Running Blind by Lee Child

360 pages

Another thriller in Child's Jack Reacher series. Keeps you guessing, keeps you reading!

Try Not to Breathe by Jennifer R. Hubbord


Try Not to Breathe by Jennifer R. Hubbord
233 pages

Incredible story...sixteen-year-old Ryan is back home after a stay in a mental institution after trying to kill himself. But his healing has only started when Nicki barges into his life, asking questions he hasn't even answered for himself.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I kill giants by Joe Kelly

pages: 186
This is an amazing book about a girl that seems odd to most. All she talks about is imanginary friends and how she kills giants, but what everyone doesn't know is this is her way of ignoring the fact that her mother is dying of cancer and there is nothing she can do about it. This book is both psychological and beautifully tradgic. I would recommend it.

D. Gray-Man Vol. 1 by Katsura Hoshino

pages: 208
This book takes place in 19th century England, where a young man named Allen Walker is cursed to hunt down and kill Akumas after he unknowingly turned his father into one. Akuma's created by "the millinian earl" (a 1,000 year old spirit) who takes a human soul and shoves it into a machine that distroys humanity. I actually liked this plot, though it's confusing at times.

Repossessed by A. M. Jenkins

pages 199
Everyone needs a vacation, even demons and what better way to belittle your troubles than by possessing a slacker and learning how much life sucks for a teenager in high school. Ta-da! You have an underworld drama of ungodly proportions....or you just have high school. Either way I liked this book well enough.

You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News: Shocking but Utterly True Facts by

pages 320
A zombie apocalypse could happen, 50% of humans are infected with a
parasite that can take over thier brain.
You think you have free will do you? Scientists say your brain secretly makes all your decisions 10 seconds before your aware of it.
Also this book made child birth seem even scarier than the zombie apocalypse. LOVED THIS BOOK! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! EPIC EPIC EPIC!!! READ IT!

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 23-Hiromu Arakawa

pages: 192

Epic, epic, epic! All the pieces are falling into place and the curtain is going up on the biggest showdown mankind has ever known. Welcome to the end of the world as you know it. I loves this series.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 22-Hiromu Arakawa


This book sets up the beginning stages of a final epic battle over mankind. You find out that all the genocide and deaths of the world are nothing more than a stepping stone towards the greatest and most evil power ever known. Liked it alot!

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 21-Hiromu Arakawa

pages: 192

Evil is inside everyone, it lives, it breaths, and grows. Some times an innocent face hides the greatest evil and beauty can be the best disguise. Loved this one, it was dark, twisted and unexpected.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 20-Hiromu Arakawa

200 pages
When the enemy is all around you trust is not something you can afford. Al and his brother deal with the fact that everything they know to be true is a lie and maybe, just maybe they can gain the life they have only dreamed of.

Love, Cajun Style by Diane Les Becquets


Love, Cajun Style by Diane Les Becquets
293 pages

Very good story, although I will admit I didn't give it enough attention. Kept getting the numerous character messed up.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ultraviolent Movies, by Laurent Bouzereau

Ultraviolent Movies: From Sam Peckinpah to Quentin Tarantino, by Laurent Bouzereau

272 pages

A fun analysis of movies I, for the most part, don't have the stomach to watch.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The View from the Top by Hillary Frank


The View from the Top by Hillary Frank
232 pages

Tobin, Matt, Lexi, Jonah, and Mary-Tyler are all high school kids, most of who are deciding what to do with their lives after high school. And Anabelle is the girl who holds them together. Anabelle feels so very alone while everyone vies for her attention in their own ways. And while she know that it is a very minor ordeal in the grand scheme of things, she also feels that there is no one who feels quite the way she does.

Killing Britney by Sean Olin


Killing Britney by Sean Olin
234 pages

Britney knows that someone is out to get her. She knows that her mother was murdered, and that she was the true target. And now, whoever wants her dead, has come back to finish the job, starting with everyone who is close to her.
This book fell short. Dark twisted storyline, that almost came across as fluffy. You think you are diving into the mind of mental illness, but you end with a feeling of 'well, whatever.'

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
2009 winner of the Newbery Medal

Nobody Owens, a little boy very much alive, is being raised in the graveyard by ghosts. I found the concept of this book fascinating, but didn't really get into the writing. Granted, I may have been the only one, since Newbery Winners are always the best of the best, in my opinion.

The Rope by Nevada Barr

357 pages

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 19-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 200

Past, present and future all are twisted in a cruel fate.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 18-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 192

Like any horror movie can show you, the little boy with black hair and soul less eyes is evil. Liked it.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 17-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 210

The game is becoming real as lives are at stake, evil plays for both sides so who can you trust? I liked it!

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 16-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 206
All is fair in love and war, read this and find out how true it is, loved this one!

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 15-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 192

Let the conspirancy begin, as it turns out the government is in on it all and being controlled by the "Sins"and this war that they have been fighting thier whole lives is just a game. Talk about a mind trip.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 14-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 192

Evil breaks loose and the brothers and thier friends fight for thier lives. Liked it, but didn't fully understand all of it.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 13-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 192

Ed and Al meet thier father and the ultimate evil, which are closer than they think. I did not expect this, honestly did not.

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 12-Hiromu Arakawa

pages 192

The truth comes out and one of thier friends is lost, the alchemist brothers have to deal with the past and losing a loved one.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Irish Rose by Nora Roberts
301 pages

Erin McKinnon dreams of leaving her small community in Ireland to move to the city where "things are happening". When her cousin visits from America along with a neighboring gentleman, an offer to come to America to live and work is too much of a temptation for her to resist.


Irish Thoroughbred by Nora Roberts
205 pages

After Adelia's parents were killed in an accident leaving her an orphan at age ten, her father's sister took over her care as well as running the farm. When the aunt had a paralytic stroke, Adelia was forced to divide her time between running the farm and caring for Aunt Lettie. After Lettie's death, Adelia is invited to come to America to live with Uncle Padrick who trains thoroughbred horses.


Climbing the Mountain, Discovering Your Path to Holiness
by Anne, a lay apostle
324 pgs.

From inside the front of the book, "This book was written in obedience to Jesus and Mary. It is dedicated to all lay apostles who seek to climb the mountain of holiness.

This is my Lenten read.


Night Shadow by Nora Roberts
244 pages

As she frequently does, Nora Roberts writes a companion book to Night Shift. In this one, assistant district attorney Deborah O'Rourke is "haunted" by two men. The one called the Nemesis who walks the night, a shadow among shadows and Gage Guthrie the former cop who is now a multimillionaire.


Night Shift by Nora Roberts
244 pages

Radio announcer, Cilia O'Rouke is being threatened by call ins on her night time disc jockey radio show. Detective Boyd Fletcher is assisned to her case.

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park


A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park
152 pages
Winner of the Newbery Medal 2002

Tree-ear is a orphan, living with a dear older friend under a bridge in ancient Korea. When he is not looking for food in the rubbish heaps, he is fascinated by the local potters. His biggest dream is to become a famous potter like the men from his village. He finally gets his opportunity to learn from a conatankerous old man, Min. He chops wood for the kiln, hauls clay from the river, but it seems as if Min will never let him actually learn to throw a pot.

Lights on the Nile by Donna Jo Napoli


Lights on the Nile by Donna Jo Napoli
275 pages

Fairies were first recorded in ancient Egypt. This is the story of a young girl who is kidnapped along with her pet baboon, and how her adventures lead to her becoming a fairy.
Napoli is excellent, as always, but this is aread for the very young.

Private Games by James Patterson

416 Pages       

Private #1 Suspect by James Patterson

432 pages    

Liked Jack Morgan. Didn't think he was going to get cleared.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

384 pages

I finally broke down and read it, because I couldn't turn the radio on without hearing about it. I was actually kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed it, and how fast a read it was.

Found, by Davy Rothbart

Found, by Davy Rothbart

256 pages

Really fun. Especially reading the interviews with people who collect 'found' objects.

The Tommyknockers, Stephen King

The Tommyknockers, by Stephen King

752 pages

I enjoyed the characters in the book, because they seemed like they would people you might know. At the same time, aliens aren't really my thing and the book seemed like it just kind of dragged on and on.

Celebrity In Death by J.D. Robb

389 pages  

Loved the book

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs


Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs
345 pages

Grace grows up knowing she is adopted, but after her family moves to San Francisco, her world begins to fall apart. She starts seeing monsters that no one else around her can see.
Gretchen grew up on the streets, seeing monsters and believing herself to be crazy until her mentor, Ursula, found her and explained her history. She is the descendant of Medusa. And contrary to the myths taught in school, Medusa was a protector, keeping the monsters in the prison realm. As her heir, it is Gretchen's job to send them back to their realm as they appear in the human world.
Greer is a spoiled rich girl, who has her whole life to look forward to.
Gretchen, Grace, and Greer are in for an even bigger surprise when they discover they are identical triplets seperated at birth. They are the key generation that can turn the tides of history.

Not my cup of tea. But it was well written, fast paced, and I think teen girls will really love the three women who find their own strengths while learning to trust each other. This is the first in a trilogy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
199 pages
Newbery Medal Winner 2010

Very light read, science fiction. Miranda, a sixth grade New Yorker, starts finding notes from a mysterious stranger who seems to know all about her. And though the proofs that the note writer leaves for her leaves her little doubt that it is legit, she is still unsure whether she should follow the instructions, especially when it comes to the part about 'tell no one.'

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Call by Yannick Murphy

223 pages

LOVED, loved, loved this book!  The main character, the pacing, and the conclusion.  I definitely need to read her other books.

Situated Language and Learning, by James Paul Gee

Situated Language and Learning: A Critique of Traditional Schooling, by James Paul Gee

144 pages


Situated Language and Learning looks at the specialist academic varieties of language that are used in disciplines such as mathematics and the sciences. It argues that the language acquisition process needed to learn these forms of language is not given enough attention by schools, and that this places unfair demands on poor and minority students.

The book compares this with learning as a process outside the classroom, applying this idea to computer and video games, and exploring the particular processes of learning which take place as a child interacts with others and technology to learn and play. In doing so, Gee examines what video games can teach us about how to improve learning in schools and engages with current debates on subjects such as 'communities of practice' and 'digital literacies'."

Interesting at first, kind of ended dry. But then it is academic theory.