Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dust and Decay by Jonathan Maberry

Dust and Decay by Jonathan Maberry
519 pages
sequel to Rot and Ruin (aka The Best Zombie Book Ever)

Six months have passed since the epic battle of good man vs. zombie vs. bad man, and Tom, Benny, Nix, and the whole fighting gang have been going through serious training to follow the jet first spotted int the 1st book out in the Ruin. But from the time they get on the road, things are scary different. Which is saying a lot when hunting the undead is your norm. But the zoms are different...faster, stronger, hunting more themselves. Throw in a rhino, corpses that all of a sudden don't come back as zoms, and nothing makes sense anymore.
Loved this book! There were some slower parts, where there is a lot of description, but I was actually so much into the story I didn't even mind. There is so much at work here. The characters tear at your heart, everyone having lost someone, everyone loving someone, and everyone wanting something a little bit different too. But the biggest thing is this...the zombies are definitely not the monsters of the story. It is the humans to use zombies as their personal assassins. There is another coming out in September, but I will say, this one ended without your typical cliffhanger that makes you angry. There was enough closure that you were ok with it.

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