Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld)- Gena Showalter

512 pages

I'm not a fan of the title or the cover art, but I am a fan of the story line. Picture if you will ancient Greece and Mt. Olympus, every one knows the story of Pandora's box, but what if Pandora was one of a few Lords/Warriors created by Zeus to protect and keep sealed all the nastiest demons. Pandora is chosen with this ultimate task and what if, angered by Zeus's favoritism the other warriors rebel, kill Pandora and open the box and then are condemned to house a demon in thier very bodies and forced to appease them or die.

Well that's just the beginning, these "Lords of the Underworld" fight now for good, while fighting the evil that is in themselves. This tale is about Paris, keeper of Promiscuity and self condemer, he hates his actions, he hates his demon and above all he hates what he has become. He meets a plain jane named Sienna, whom he accidently killed and becomes haunted by, figuratively and actually. She not only witnesses her own death, but is taken and forced to house a demon of her own and sees her sister die in front of her. So far her death is pretty dramatic and it only seems to get worse since the god-king Cronus wants her to be his new weapon in a war she can't even fathom.

All and all I liked it, it's pretty far in this series and the Gods war has finally begun. I loved how the man character had a backbone and how modernize the Greek God's come over as. So modernized in fact that they have a god's version of twitter, Screeching. Who needs to be all knowing when you have the internet?

I liked it.

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