Friday, July 15, 2011

No and Me by Delphine de Vigan

No and Me by Delphine de Vigan
244 pages

At home, Lou is left to her own devices while her father cries hidden away in his room, and her mother lays in a catatonic stupor. She knows that she is not loved, at least not since her baby sister died. Without realizing what she is getting herself into, Lou blurts out that she is doing her project on the homeless crisis. Her teacher loves the idea, so there is no backing out. She meets No in a train depot and after interviewing her about her homeless life, an what led to it, she is moved to ask her parents to let No stay with them.
This a truly heartbreaking book. You find yourself rooting for No, hoping that she can pull herself out of the hole she is in. Then you find yourself half hating her for destroying the trust and love Lou and her family has shown her.

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