Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cutting for Stone

by Abraham Verghese

667 pages

I loved, loved this book!! It's the best book I have read since Freedom.

This is the story of Marion and Shiva Stone, twins born to a nun and a doctor. Their parents disappear from their lives on the day of their birth, and they are raised by two wonderful doctors in Ethiopia. The boys grow up within the walls of Missing Hospital during a tumultuous time in Ethiopia. The story is compelling and is intertwined with a lot of medical history. Learning about the culture in Ethiopia and in the medical community when Marion moves to the USA makes the book a fascinating read.

As I was reading Cutting for Stone, I was reminded of the emotional attachment I had to John Irving's novel A Prayer for Owen Meany. I was thrilled to find out that Verghese and Irving are friends! So if you like Irving, you will love this book. I hope a wonderful director makes this into an epic movie and wins the Oscar.


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