Sunday, July 3, 2011

Milagros Girl From Away by Meg Medina

Milagros Girl From Away by Meg Medina
275 pages

Interesting book, beautifully written, and I have no idea how to explain it. Filled with magic, fantasy, pirates, manta rays, and bandits.

(from jacket cover)
Milagros de le Torre hasn't had it easy. Ever since her father left his family behind to become a pirate, she's been teased at school. Still, Milagros loves her small island-Las Brisas-in the Caribbean that can't be found on any map, and she finds comfort in those around her who recognize her special gifts. But everything changes when marauders destroy the island and, with it, most of its inhabitants. Milagros manages to escape in a rowboat where she drifts out to sea with with no direction, save for the mysterious manta rays that guide her to land. What is she to make of this strange new place, and who will watch over her now that she is all alone?

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