Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everything You Want by Barbara Shoup

Everything You Want by Barbara Shoup
307 pages

There is a goose on the cover. That in itself is pretty cool. Love the cover!

Emma is off to college, feeling lonely and dejected. She professed her love to her best friend, which obviously weirded him out, and he becomes a jerk. She is pretty low on herself, and wishing she could just go home. Then, thanks to the goose, her family wins $50 million in the lottery (after taxes and taking a lump sum, it's actually $17 million, but try explaining that to anyone) and surprise! Her life is still lacking, in fact, it gets much harder.
Rough read, starting out. I am not that big into the self pity, self loathing genre. But it picks up speed, and ended very well.

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