Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The True Story of Mary Bryant: The Escape from Botany Bay

Escape From Botany BayThe True Story of Mary Bryant: The Escape from Botany Bay
by Gerald and Loretta Hausman
220 pages

(from jacket cover)
The year is 1786. The place: Cornwall, England. Nineteen-year-old May is sentenced to hang for the crime of stealing a lady's bonnet. Then, at the last moment, her sentence is commuted, and Mary is placed aboard a prison ship bound for Botany Bay in New Holland (present day Australia). Chained below deck in crowded, hot, and filthy conditions, Mary and her fellow prisoners fight for survival on a journey of several thousand miles. A marine named Watkin Tench helps Mary, giving her food and clothing-at a price. But Mary's resolve grows stronger with each challenge thrown her way, and she manages to survive and nurture her own and other prisoners' hope for freedom. From her marriage to Will Bryant in the harsh conditions of the New Holland settlement at Botany Bay, to the birth of her two children, to her family's daring escape from Botany Bay, Mary is a heroine for any century.

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