Thursday, June 9, 2011

Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf

Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf
200 pages

In the 1940's resistant fighters parachuted into Czechoslovakia to assassinate Heydrich, Hitler's favorite officer. Although it did not go as planned, Heydrich did eventually die from his wounds. Hitler was so angry at this act of defiance, he obliterated the town of Ludice, where he thought he had found ties to the assassination. The town was innocent, but they paid the price. Men and boys were shot, women sent to work camps, designated as political prisoners. Girls who fit the Aryan profile were kidnapped, trained to be perfect German women, and adopted to high ranking German families. Very few of the children were found after the war had ended. Some were so young when taken from their families, that they did not remember their previous lives. This is a fictional retelling of these true events in history. It is truly heartbreaking to watch Milada torn from her family, go through 'Germanization', find the love in the German household where she was placed, only to be ripped away from her adopted family at the wars end. It is a stunning reminder that so many German's, especially the youth, were also victims.

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