Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tales of the MADMAN Underground by John Bar

Tales of the MADMAN Underground by John Barnes
532 pages

At first I would hate this book. The plot was slow to pull me in, and there was so much language! But, truth be told, I started it on the weekend, didn't want to go the library for a new book, and I had nothing better to I stuck with it. So glad I did!

Karl, in the 1970's, is bound and determined that he will not have a single teacher write him a slip for the therapy group, dubbed by its own members as the Madman Underground, for the rest of his school year. He has been going to school therapy for years, and for once, he would really like to be 'normal'. But he quickly realized that the friends he made in that group are the only ones who truly have his back in the crazy insane world that got them all where they are....and you really can't turn your back on friends like that.

Like I said...beware of the very strong language, and some disturbing scenes. I would definitely not recommend this one for younger readers.

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