Monday, February 27, 2012

The Enemy by Charlie Higson
440 pages

Everyone over the age of sixteen has developed a horrible disease. A child eating, boil erupting disease. No one knows why. After all, the adults always told them about things, and now they are zombies. Not that it really matters. Knowing why it happened doesn't change the fact that now the goal is to survive. Kids seemed to gravitate towards the grocery stores where their parents bought food, looking for something to eat. Kids have formed their own gangs, banding together to survive. The enemy, the Grown Ups are picking them off one at a time, until they decide their is no other choice but to join with the other gangs. But will that be for the better, or are they jumping into yet another mess.

Overall I truly enjoyed this books, but I did think their were a few loose threads that were never pulled tight.

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