Friday, February 3, 2012

Brotherband Chronicles Book 1 The Outcasts by John Flanagan

Brotherband Chronicles Book 1 The Outcasts by John Flanagan
434 pages
Companion to the Ranger's Apprentice

The Ranger's Apprentice series might very well go down as one of my favorites. There were eleven books in all, and each of the books were new and fresh story lines. I hesitated to read this one thinking that there was no way he could live up to the others. I was SO wrong. It is the same story. But this is like the viking side of things. I loved it!
 Hal, an outcast in his village, is a quiet and an intellectual. His people value strength and warrior traits. But every boy must go through Brotherband training. If he succeeds, he will have his place on a viking ship. If he fails, he will remain an outcast for the rest of his life, not even able to find work or a wife. When the boys are split into groups, their Brotherbands, no one wants Hal, or his only friend Stig. But there are a few others that don't fit in as well. They form their own band, the Herons, and fight for a place of honor in their village.
This is an amazing adventure find yourself rooting for this group of misfits. I will definitely be recommending this to teen boys (and girls, if they are like me) and I eagerly await the next in the series!

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