Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lothaire by Kresley Cole

506 pages

This is the newest installment of Kresley Cole's paranormal collection. This is about a vampire who meets a girl, whom he thinks maybe he decides why not distroy her soul and hand her body over to the Goddess of Death. And about a girl who is as rednecked as the sky is blue, who hates this vampire with every fiber of her being because he just so happened to get her locked up and on deathrow. Match made in heaven...This is funny, just saying, its like twilight, only the vampire is actually scary and Bella actually has a backbone.

Not to mention it's filled with video playing valkeries and karaoke witches.

"First of all, I'm not narcissistic." When she opened her lips to argue, he said, "I know Narkissos of Thespiae -- while we might share traits, I came first, so he's Lothairistic, not the other way around."

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