Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Heist Society by Ally Carter
287 pages
Truman Nominee 2012/13

I totally judged this book by its cover. Expecting girly beyond belief...I was pleasantly surprised. This is about a super tough girl, Kat, who in a desperate attempt to escape the family business, creates a new identity and past for herself, and heads off to a boarding school. The family business? They are thieves and cons. Just when she has gotten out, a major mobster goes after her father, believing he has stolen a priceless collection of paintings from his private collection. Only Kat can get those paintings back, and save her fathers life...diving her right back into the con.
I will definitely be recommending this book all over the library! The girls are gonna love this! Definitely will be reading the sequel, Uncommon Criminals.

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