Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hold Still by Nina LaCour

Hold Still by Nina LaCour
Gateway Nominee
229 pages

Caitlyn's best friend is Ingrid. They have been together for years, and know everything about each other. Or so Caitlyn thought. So how did she not see the fact that her friend was contemplating suicide? After Ingrid is gone, Caitlyn discovers her friends diary she left under Caitlyn's bed.
This is not a typical suicide survivor story. Through Ingrid's diary, we see her sinking deeper and deeper into depression. At the same time, we see Caitlyn's healing, and how she is able to move forward without leaving her friend behind. Very good book, and not as dark as you would think after reading the jacket cover.

 Check out the book trailer for Hold Still by Nina Lacour! 

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So, to recap...this year I have read about polygamists, Hispanic gangs, African American gangs,  and school shootings. I am in the middle of Flash Burnout, a story about a guy who takes a pic of a homeless woman passed out on the street. That woman happens to be his friend, Marissa's, mother who disappeared a year ago while fighting an addiction to meth. I think in the middle of all of this, I will tackle The Cupcake Queen. I am in serious need of some fluff.

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