Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

 Hate List by Jennifer Brown
Gateway Nominee
408 pages.

Have been anxiously waiting to read this book, and it was worth the wait. Valerie and her boyfriend take a red spiral notebook, the Hate List, and fill it with the name of every person who has bullied them, or made fun of them, or couldn't be bothered to acknowledge them. For Val, it was all about being able to confide in someone, to tell someone how much her life was hurting. But for Nick it is so much more. He opens fire in the commons, taking out those who had done him wrong. Now Val must return to school in the aftermath of the death and injuries.

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  1. Bobbie,

    You may want to go in and put the amount of time you spent reading each of your books. I added it to mine because that's one of the categories in the competition.


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