Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WooHoo! July 2012 Totals!

Photo: Is this true for you?
Join the competition at the library.
We definitely rocked the bookshelves this month!
As a team, (5 participants) we read 57 books and 19, 464 pages!

Bibliophile is the winner of this month's prize drawing...COME ON DOWN!

Individual standings for the month are as follows...

Arline: 9 books, 3,583 pages
Bibliophile: 3 books, 1,147 pages
Bobbie: 16 books, 5,685 pages
Ginny: 16 books, 5,216 pages
Judy: 12 books, 3,833 pages

Thank you to everyone who participated this month!

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