Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Barn Boot Blues by Catherine Friend

Barn Boot Blues by Catherine Friend
142 pages

When twelve-year-old Taylor is uprooted from her home in Minneapolis to a small town farming life, she is anything but happy. She has to find her way back to the big city where she belongs. And when several disasters give the town reason to openly laugh at her, her unhappiness turns to pure misery. One of her big jobs is to collect eggs in the morning...which leads to her running late to the bus in her ugly old barn boots, or lands her in class with chicken poop in her hair.
Taylor is a very sympathetic character. Even as an adult I found myself hoping she gets out of the mess. But her parents are also sympathetic...they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. You truly see a family trying their hardest. Loved this book! Will be a great book for young readers.

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