Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roommates Wanted by Lisa Jewell

461 pages

1990  Please write and tell me why you should live here

Toby Dobbs received a big Victorian house with too many bedrooms to count as a wedding present from his father, but his marriage is over within a month.  Very alone, and very lonely, Toby posts an advertisement seeking the "Unexpectedly Alone" to become his roommates.  Fifteen years later, the wayward souls he takes in are still living with him, with no intention of leaving.

2004  Please tell me how I can convince  you to move out.

Toby Dobbs has met Leah Pilgrim from across the road, and they're falling in love.  But before they can begin a new life together, Toby and Leah must help Toby's house of sweet slackers and lovelorn misfits grow up, solve their problems, and set themselves free.  But can their new relationship survive the test?

                                 --- from the back cover--

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