Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin

The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin
345 pages

Most of the time when I finish a book, I judge the overall experience by how much I wanted to sneak it in to work with me, or if I felt it necessary to be late coming back from lunch in order to finish it. This book stayed in my purse for two days so I could steal a couple of pages even in the weirdest places, like in line at Wal-Mart. Loved Lida's story, even as it spiraled out of control. In a wilderness camp for misfit girls, she must choose between a friendship with the fierce, scary, but true, Boone, or the fabulous, but fake Gia. And in the middle of all of the drama, she must face the truth that her mother is not in fact dead, and that she feels better when she cuts herself to release the pain. Very stirring book, you cannot walk away untouched by this one!

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