Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue Fire by Janice Hardy

Blue Fire by Janice Hardy
373 pages
(sequel to The Shifter, Truman Nominee)

I was super impressed with this sequel. The story continued very smoothly, without bogging you down with details from the first book. Nya, who is a Shifter, is able to place her hand on an injured victim, draw that pain out, and send it into somebody else. In The Shifter, she stays away from her talent, hating that she has the ability to hurt someone. But when her sister, a Healer is kidnapped and held against her will, she learns to use this skill to free her sister, as well as the other Healers, and take down the evil dictator controlling them all. Nya gets her sister and the others away, but the Duke escapes.
In the sequel, Nya and her friends go after the Duke once again, this time determined he will not escape.

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